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Tomatina 2020 canceled

The Buñol City Council has confirmed that Tomatina 2020 is canceled and therefore the great battle of tomatoes will not take place on August 26, 2020.

This decision has been made in the climate of the health crisis of COVID-19, which makes it foresee that this summer no mass parties or events can be held where the so-called “social distance” cannot be kept.

“Nobody escapes us how difficult it would be to organize our most international party under these conditions,” said a statement from the mayor of Buñol.

Tomatina 2020 tickets return

Tour operators and those who have sold Tomatina tickets will have the option of returning the money to all those who bought their ticket or exchange it for a ticket for Tomatina 2021 or for another product of equal value.

We recommend following the Tomatina organization web to be informed about it.


What is Tomatina?

La Tomatina de Buñol is one of the most popular festivals worldwide, taking place in the Valencian municipality of Buñol. That is why many already know this festival, as a registered trademark and the great Tomatina de Buñol celebration.

During this popular festival in Buñol, the participants, coming from the Valencian Community and from the most remote places on the planet, throw tomatoes at each other until they are completely soaked in the red juice of this vegetable. It is without a doubt a great battle of tomatoes or tomato fight, in English.

That is why the Tomatina de Buñol is known as one of the funniest parties, held every year on the last Wednesday of August.

La Tomatina de Buñol uses about 150,000 kilos of tomatoes and gathers 20,000 people in the most spectacular pitched battle of tomatoes, which takes place year after year.

The Valencian town receives thousands of tourists from more than 100 countries on 5 continents year after year, since it is a festival of tourist interest. The most numerous visitors, in addition to the Spanish, are the British, Japanese, Indians, Australians and Americans. All of them come every year excited to enjoy the Tomatina de Buñol.


Tomatina 2021

La Tomatina Buñol 2021 will be held on Wednesday, August 25.

Stay tuned to tomatina.eu! because on this website we inform you where the tomato is, when the tickets go on sale and what is their price so that everyone can participate in the great tomato festival in the Valencian town of Buñol next August 2021.

In addition, you can buy single tickets or with a tourism package to travel to the Valencian municipality this summer and fully experience the Tomatina de Buñol festival.


La Tomatina 2021 tickets

The ticket price for 2021 has yet to be set.

Some tour operators and travel agencies offer packages for travel, stays, parties and even the option of doing more activities within the Valencian Community.

Click here to access the official ticket sales page. Tickets for 2021 are not yet on sale.

Official page: https://www.latomatinabunyol.info/es/registro