La Tomatina at Cinema and TV

La Tomatina is one of the Spanish festivals with the greatest international repercussion, and one of the essential events of the summer for fun lovers and tourists of all nationalities. This enthusiasm for La Tomatina has not gone unnoticed by advertisers and publicists from all over the world; major brands and international corporations have already carried out advertising shoots and sponsorships relating their products to the party, which is an image of youth, passion and energy.There have also been shoots for films, taking The Tomatina to the cinema.

Some examples of appearances of La Tomatina in different campaigns and supports

1. The video game company Namco included in the 6th installment of the Tekken fighting video game saga, a scenario that emulates the tomatina buñolense.

2. In November 2009 the Buñol director Darío J. Ferrer shot the official short film about the origins of La Tomatina ‘The Red Dot’, in which Alejo Saura, Mariam Hernández, José Montó, Pepe Carabias, Javivi, Ewa Miller, Joan Gadea, Lola Moltó among other well-known actors participate and which was released with remarkable success in 2011.

3. In 2011 Bollywood makes the party known in India with the film ‘You only Live Once’, by director Zoya Akhtar.

4. In 2011, Lynne Ramsay directed the film ’We Have to Talk’ about Kevin, multi-awarded at festivals, in which the protagonist (Tilda Swinton) goes to La Tomatina.

5. The Disney factory has included La Tomatina in one of its famous Disney Shorts in 2015, entitled “Al Rojo Vivo”.

6. Google has released this same year an ad for its new app, ‘Questions’, where the Bunol party is named.

7. In July 2015 Hollywood filmed in Buñol several scenes for the film “All I see is you”, by director Marc Forster, and with Blake Lively and Jason Clarke as the main protagonists.

8. On the day of La Tomatina 2015, Google makes a Google Doodle in honor of the seventieth anniversary of the popular holiday.

Some examples of appearances of La Tomatina in different campaigns and supports

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